Global System Integrators

Solve business-critical, cross-border IT management issues

In the current highly consolidated and competitive market, organisations are constantly modernising their IT infrastructure as well as adopting cost-effective and flexible solutions.  To stand out, you’ll need win-win partnerships to:

  • Enhance market presence and product portfolio
  • Standardise your delivery framework
  • Reduce your implementation costs
  • Implement your services rapidly

Standardised multi-country IT equipment implementation framework

ARCO helps you with multi-country IT equipment deployment, resolving your cross-border logistical issues. With ARCTech, we can help you procure new-in-box or refurbished IT equipment, move them across borders and also assist you with professional services like installation and configuration, standardising your delivery approach.


A backup plan for your global IT deployment project

Being brand agnostic, ARCO can supply IT equipment of any major OEM brands. All IT equipment that we have in our distribution hubs can be deployed rapidly to help you meet tight project deadlines, especially when you encounter short shipments.


Convert CAPEX into OPEX

If you have existing equipment that you would like to convert CAPEX into OPEX, ARCO is able to partner with you on a buy-and-leaseback model to take your existing assets off your books and allow you to redeploy them on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ model for other projects across Asia Pacific.