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Get the equipment you need in the shortest time possible
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ARCO provides technology solutions that are optimised to meet your business needs. We’re your Trusted Source to purchase anything from refurbished or new-in-box servers, storage, networking equipment to end-user devices from major OEM hardware brands.

Maintenance services and professional services like installation, configuration and relocation services can also be offered with the hardware purchase. If your business requires more flexibility in managing high upfront costs for technology via a rental/ leasing agreement, click here to read more about ARCMetal.

Scroll down to find out more about ARCO’s approach to technology provisioning or contact your friendly ARCO representative for a chat.

The Equipment You Need in The Shortest Time Possible

The ARCO team takes pride in its ability to be able to get the right equipment to you within the shortest lead time possible.

In cases where we don’t have inventory on-hand for the products you require, ARCO’s team of multilingual technology procurement specialists will help you search for the equipment you need from our sources around the world, managing price negotiations and shipping, while ensuring the specifications and quality match your requirements.

Logistics and Warehousing Needs All Taken Care Of

We monitor your hardware every step of the way to ensure your items arrive safely and on-time. From planning shipping routes and local transportation via our strong global logistics network, stocking and inventory management within ARCO’s designated purpose-built warehouses, you can be assured that we manage all processes professionally and methodically.

Hardware Re-Engineering Excellence

The journey does not end after we ship and inventorise your hardware. ARCO’s engineers follow strict hardware testing and verification protocols, before working to re-configure the hardware for your use. Stringent checks are subsequently performed to ensure adherence to industry standards and environmental regulations.

Comprehensive Product Care and After-Sales Support

Hardware requires careful handling and specialised packaging to ensure there is no damage to your items during transportation. Our logistics team is always on standby to follow up and ensure that you receive the right items on time and in perfect condition.