Mobile Application Providers

Gain access to new markets

IoT is now shaping our hyper-connected world and with the proliferation of connected devices, and there are many advantages in designing applications to run on the edge. 

ARCO can support you in your journey to achieve scale and accelerate customer reach with our strong network of smartphones sources and partners.

As your go-to partner for smartphones, we can help you procure pre-owned smartphones (Grade A/B/C) via an upfront sale or as-a-service model, helping you keep your hardware budgets lean.

We provide you with the tools to succeed through the following solutions:


Bundle your application with our mobile devices

Add value to your customers by combining your application with our multi-brand smartphones such as Apple and Pixel to create a cost-effective application package for your customers. We can also link you up with our network of cybersecurity partners who can assist you with data protection concerns.


Offer low latency to your customers that complies with data sovereignty regulations

ARCO can help you to procure smartphones to establish a Point-of-Presence closest to your target markets via our partner networks while adhering to sovereign data regulations in the fastest growing mobile regions.


Support your regional customers in their native language

Maintain high levels of customer satisfaction regionally through ARCSupport, which is built on an industry-leading omni-channel digital customer experience “CX” platform.