ARCO was incorporated in October 2019 to provide technology provisioning, maintenance support and IT asset disposition solutions to businesses, helping them to scale up without having to worry about IT lifecycle management.

ARCO was birthed after DeClout was acquired by Exeo Global Pte Ltd, the regional HQ of Tokyo Stock Exchange-listed Exeo Group, Inc, after they discovered that there was a need for well-managed technology service offerings that would help Japanese companies expand easily into new markets and at the same time help international companies successfully set their roots in Japan.

Currently led by industry expert Ms Saimei Tamaki, ARCO is set to create waves in the IT equipment asset recovery and maintenance solutions industry, to build bridges between different business cultures, and to revolutionise the way in which businesses manage their technology requirements.

ARCO is a subsidiary of EXEO Global Pte Ltd, the global business arm of EXEO Group, Inc in Japan.