IT Asset Disposition


Extract the maximum value from your retiring technology securely and safely

ARCO offers a full range of IT asset disposition (ITAD) solutions to meet all your organisational needs, ensuring quality service and eliminating the high risk of data breaches, while complying with local and international environmental, health and safety regulations.

Our end objective is simple – ARCO aims to assist you in extracting the maximum value from your retiring technology. Scroll down to find out more about ARCO’s secure ITAD processes or reach out to our friendly ARCO representative for a discussion.

Extracting Maximum Value from Your Hardware

ARCO views data security and protection seriously and we practise secure equipment handling from your location to our local facility where your equipment is sorted and checked individually to assess its value, helping our clients extract the maximum value from their assets.

Stringent Asset Verification, Testing and Re-configuration Procedures

Skilled engineers from the ARCO team are assigned to verify, test and re-configure the hardware received, to optimise hardware value and ensure that the equipment is in the best condition to be re-marketed.

Secure Asset Disposal

ARCO’s engineers comply with local and international privacy and security regulations, as well as industry standards when conducting asset disposal on behalf of our clients.

We provide certified, secure data erasure for a range of IT assets as well as degaussing, crushing, shredding and disposal according to local green regulatory requirements.