Combine technology devices/ enterprise hardware with software and maintenance services easily as a subscription service

Technology is advancing at a phenomenal pace, and with the ever-changing landscape of IT infrastructure economics and regulations, more and more businesses are struggling to adapt and adopt effective business solutions as they get bogged down by high IT infrastructure costs.

ARCMetal, ARCO’s BareMetal-as-a-Service solution seeks to improve your organisation’s operational efficiency and IT versatility while reducing overall costs by offering a scalable, asset-light solution that combines any form of technology device/ enterprise hardware with software and maintenance services as a subscription service. This enables adoption of any combination of multi-cloud, multi-vendor, private cloud and hybrid cloud strategy to avoid vendor lock-in. 

Through ARCMetal, businesses can leverage on our extensive network to provision fully serviced and supported bare-metal servers and enterprise hardware on a pay-as-you-use basis, which turns hefty CapEx technology investments into OpEx, removing the need for any hefty upfront investments and replacing them with predictable monthly fees.

Perfect for growing businesses or those that always need newer and better equipment upgrades to stay at the forefront of technology.

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