Our Brand Story

In today’s global economy, companies of all sizes are establishing operations in foreign markets for greater business growth and diversification. However, challenges in understanding cultural, language and market differences can cause significant setbacks to a company’s expansion plans.

This why we created ARCO – as a bridge to bring people of different countries, cultures and businesses together.

ARCO means “arch” in Spanish which not only represents a strong support structure, but also a connector bridging the divide between businesses and cultures.

Through our strong connections, understanding of the local markets and intuitive understanding of our clients’ needs, ARCO helps businesses through the provisioning of the right-sized technology solutions and acts as a gateway for businesses that wish to expand quickly throughout the Asia Pacific region.

The ARCO logo originates from the box shapes of IT enterprise equipment and uses 4 boxes moving in different directions to represent versatility and flexibility in the way we work with our clients. ARCO aims to be the technology partner of choice for businesses, through our expertise in IT solutioning that enables our clients to scale up or down with ease and nimbly adapt to changing business environments.

With ARCO’s strong roots and backing in Japan (with EXEO Group, Inc as the ultimate parent company) and the rest of Asia Pacific, ARCO is able to provide Japanese businesses with localised country-specific technology solutions that meet individual business requirements in Asia Pacific, as well as help growing businesses expand their operations into Japan.