Data Centre Service Providers

Deploy infrastructure at a fraction of the cost at a national or global level

Managing IT infrastructure from multiple vendors while keeping operating costs low and uptime high is crucial for data centres, especially in today’s digital world.

ARCO helps you maintain a strong competitive edge by providing complementary value-added services that allow you to resolve your client’s problems so you can seamlessly allow them to migrate their data while reducing your overall costs.


Enjoy low data centre migration costs with swing-kits or rental hardware strategies

Data centre migrations are risky undertakings with many uncertainties. To mitigate the risks, using swing-kits or renting a subset or a whole footprint of your destination environment is usually required.

ARCTech can provide you with these solutions during a relocation to minimise wasted hardware while keeping costs under control. Let us know if you would like to buy or rent bare minimum to relocate less critical workloads or to have equivalent hardware specifications to enjoy high availability during the move.


Increase agility and reduce your TCO

With ARCMetal, ARCO can help you to increase agility, reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) via multi-vendor hardware deployment strategies. You can also enjoy high uptime with our regional SLA-driven hardware maintenance product – ARCSupport.