Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

Expand your services portfolio and capture a larger market

As an OEM, you’ll need to win the multi-vendor aftermarket to capture a larger market share, effectively managing a complex, heterogeneous IT environment in order to provide a simplified experience to your customers. However, when it comes to post-sales, it may not be viable or cost efficient to maintain an entire operations team internally just to support the maintenance of these equipment. This is where ARCSupport comes in.


Multi-vendor IT support services to manage your entire IT environment

With ARCO’s capabilities in providing multi-vendor IT support services, you can now streamline multiple contracts from different vendors into one. You can also leverage on ARCO’s ability to support EOSL enterprise equipment, enabling you to take over the entire IT environment at ease.


Focus on your core business and allow us to be your extended delivery arm

To successfully deliver multi-vendor maintenance support, it is important to have adequate spare parts and trained/certified engineers, reinforced with a strong supply chain and proven methodology. This is even so for EOSL equipment, where ARCO’s strength lies in our ability to procure EOL and hard-to-find equipment. Let us be your extended delivery arm for both hardware and services today so that you can focus on your core business.


Optimise your engineering team to perform multi-vendor support

As an OEM, it is common to face a dilemma: should you upgrade your engineer’s skills or opt for alternatives?

Backed by veterans in the industry, ARCO understands how to help you cross train your current engineering team to manage a multi-vendor IT environment. We can be integrated into your delivery process and supply chain to help you enjoy cost optimisation. If you would like to build an in-house team to support EOSL equipment, ARCO can partner with you to achieve that while providing you with parts-only support coupled with remote technical capabilities.