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ARCO launches new ARCMetal solution to help companies lower IT infrastructure and maintenance costs

ARCO Pte Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of DeClout, has officially released its latest ARCMetal solution, a baremetal-as-a-service solution meant to provide companies with a unique flexible option that improves organisational efficiency and provides versatility while reducing the usual hefty upfront costs of procuring IT infrastructure.

Companies today have to manage a huge amount of risk in their operations, especially when purchasing and maintaining expensive Enterprise IT equipment. Technology is changing rapidly, and unprecedented situations like the COVID-19 can cause a huge disruption to business, leaving companies struggling with managing the heavy costs of legacy equipment.

ARCO now offers organisations a scalable, asset-light solution that combines any form of technology device or enterprise hardware with software and maintenance services as a subscription service. This helps turn heavy upfront capital expenditure (CapEx) costs into operating expediture (OpEx) in smaller periodic payments.

The unique ARCMetal offering provides organisations with the ability to scale their requirements effectively during the course of their contractual period, depending on their business needs, and is perfect in providing the flexibility needed by all organisations that are heavily reliant on enterprise technology solutions to run their business operations.

Through ARCMetal, companies can leverage on ARCO’s extensive network in more than 15 countries across the Asia Pacific to provision fully serviced and supported bare-metal servers, enterprise hardware and even devices such as smartphones (such as iPhones) on a pay-as-you-use basis.

To support organisations who are implementing remote working solutions for their staff during this trying period, ARCO will be offering a special program for mid to large sized businesses within Asia Pacific to procure pre-owned Apple iPhone 8 units coupled with maintenance support starting from just USD 15.00 per month each, with a minimum order of 500 units and a contract period of 18 months. Terms and conditions apply.

ARCO provides technology provisioning, maintenance support and IT asset disposition services for businesses in Asia Pacific, with a strong focus on helping businesses expand to Japan and vice versa. With a strong leadership team bringing with them decades of experience in the Enterprise IT domain, as well as the support of its ultimate parent company, Tokyo Stock Exchange-listed Kyowa Exeo Corporation in Japan, ARCO is able to bring greater value to companies across the Asia Pacific by providing affordable, reliable and customised solutions for hardware and maintenance that will help them manage the complexities of the ever-changing business landscape.

“The global landscape across all industries is getting extremely difficult and competitive, and businesses are being challenged to constantly innovate and upgrade their technology assets while maintaining a lean cost infrastructure. ARCO was established to fulfil the need for businesses to have the ability and flexibility to scale accordingly or re-deploy assets effectively to different locations while ensuring operations run smoothly. This can be done without them having to incur any hefty upfront CapEx costs.” said Ms Kow Ya, CEO of ARCO.

“As business people ourselves, we understand the need to adapt quickly to our business environment, and we believe ARCO can effectively help companies to plan and manage their IT infrastructure, providing the right recommendations on technology and maintenance options, all the way to even helping them extract the maximum value from their retiring assets.” she added.